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Kevin Morris

Kevin “Morris” Morris - Freshman, Westfield, NJ

Kevin started his music career in his beautiful home state of New Jersey where he studied the jazz flute and kazoo. After his 8th grade choir performance of the 80’s classic “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, his life was forever dedicated to singing.

Entering Juxta his Freshman year with three other talented co-members and his award-worthy renditions of El Vira, Morris was able to jump right in with the rest of the basses. His low range and great social skills really make him a great fit for this group of young men. Morris will surely be putting in his hard work with Juxta and his Icelandic folklore and mythology major. He also hopes to settle down with his high-school sweetheart, Regina Spektor. Morris will go down in Juxta history as the big hearted lug with a voice lower than the depths of Hell.

Tyler Boulton

Tyler “Troy” Boulton - Senior, Chapel Hill, NC

Tyler is a somewhat recent graduate of East High, a school known predominantly for its basketball team and flamboyant musical numbers between classes. When Tyler came to Virginia Tech he started out in the Corp of Cadets but found that his musical outlet wasn’t being recognized so he joined the ranks of Juxta instead. Tyler is a vital part of Juxta with his chill personality, clever improv lyrics and free-styling solo harmonies. When asked to evaluate his own performance in Juxta, Tyler responded “I am literally, so tight.” Tyler lives with his roommates in a place to call home.


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