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Tyler Boulton

Tyler Boulton - Senior , Chapel Hill, NC

Tyler "The Total Package" Boulton is a seasoned veteran of Juxtaposition. Boulton is a proud inhabitant of North Carolina, the same state that brought us human flight, but most importantly Randy Travis. Tyler is currently a senior at Virginia Tech, majoring in cardboard boxes. Whenever he isn't studying for his final exams in bubble wrap and packing peanuts, he is busy serenading the world with his sweet, tangy voice that's drawn comparison to the likes of Zac Brown, John Mayer, and Carolina-style Barbecue.

Jarrod Freeman

Jarrod Freeman - Senior

Jarrod "Big Worm" Freeman has made quite a name for himself over his tenure. He is best known for his hair sculpted by the Gods, his female hips modeled like Fergie, and his hands sly like Magic Mike. Also, Jarrod Freeman was the first embryo genetically altered to look like Michelangelo's statue of David; hard and mighty.

Kevin Hargrove

Kevin Hargrove - Senior

Kevin "Won't Take Your Sh*t\” Hargrove: This man of humble beginnings had to support himself in the rough slums of Latin America by weaving and selling bracelets made out of his own silky chest hair. One day when he let out a scream of terror from fear of the drug cartel, his smooth angel voice was discovered. After discovering this new talent and using his savings from bracelet weaving, he applied and entered VT. With his skill of money management, he is making a fine accounting and finance major while supporting Juxtaposition as the president. Being a strong independent man who don't need no woman he has no problem hoarding all of the solos like a squirrel storing his nuts for winter.

Blake Martin

Blake Martin - Junior

Blake "fancy hair" Martin is the current music director of Juxtaposition. Born to the egg of a golden hen, Blake hails from the mountainous back road land know as Pembroke, Virginia, although his accent would say otherwise. Blake has been one of the groups' top arrangers for many a moon, creating classics The City, Cheating, and Rather Be.

He is more than just feather and ink, his sweet supple voice was recently put on Best of College Acapella 2015 for his solo on The City. Which, ironically, is a different song than the one he arranged, he has a City fetish I guess. Blake's great voice, arrangements, and his willingness for Juxta to "take over" social events has been a huge asset to the group and will continue to be once he is gone.

Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris - Senior , Westfield, NJ

Kevin started his music career in his beautiful home state of New Jersey where he studied the jazz flute and kazoo. After his 8th grade choir performance of the 80’s classic “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, his life was forever dedicated to singing.

Entering Juxta his Freshman year with three other talented co-members and his award-worthy renditions of El Vira, Morris was able to jump right in with the rest of the basses. His low range and great social skills really make him a great fit for this group of young men. Morris will surely be putting in his hard work with Juxta and his Icelandic folklore and mythology major. He also hopes to settle down with his high-school sweetheart, Regina Spektor. Morris will go down in Juxta history as the big hearted lug with a voice lower than the depths of Hell.

Thomas Tuch

Thomas Tuch - Senior

Thomas “Touch Me” Tuch III has been a Juxta all-star since joining as a freshman in 2011. This kid has truly proven his worth to the group after singing the entire guitar solo of “Freebird” at his audition. Seriously, Tuch has better pipes than the White House’s plumbing. When he’s not slaying his solos, Thomas puts down sick beats on vocal percussion or sings backup whilst showing off his signature dance moves. In his free time, you can find Thomas delivering Jimmy John’s sandwiches to intoxicated college students. In the future, however, Tuch hopes to increase the productivity of the DMV by using his Industrial & Systems engineering degree.

Geoffrey Brown

Geoffrey Brown - Junior

Geoffrey Charles III Brown University is an accomplished music major at Virginia Tech and is a well known champion on the fields of justice. When he isn't slaying his opponents on the battlefield he is harmonizing with his good friends in Juxta. Geoffrey played Lord Joffry in Game of Thrones for over 3 seasons until his character was killed off from drinking too much grape soda. He avenges his character's death every time he solos on the song Who Knows by The Zack Brown Band. He just sings until the darkness is lifted.

Dan Shepherd

Dan Shepherd - Junior

Dan “The Man” Shepherd has been soothing souls since before he was a twinkle in his mother’s eyes. Dan’s mesmerizing falsetto drives all the ladies crazy when he sings his Reflections solo. Majoring in both Management and Bench Pressing, he finds time to work out his voice and muscles. With an impressive 600-lb bench press, there’s nothing this tenor 2 can’t handle especially when it comes to handling concert duties as Juxtaposition’s designated Concert Chair. Dan’s strong commitment to Juxtaposition has made him quite the MVP and a huge asset for this group.

Sawyer Negaard

Sawyer Negaard - Junior , Midlothian, VA

Sawyer Allie “You Takin’ a Picture of Me Dude?” Negaard has been killin’ it on the stage since he was able to say the word “money”. Sawyer has performed with Mickey’s House of Mouse, Busch Garden's Festhaus, as well as guest appearances on children's Sex in the City. After 5 years of living with a traveling band, The Amish Outlaws, he realized his true calling was with college a cappella and an exclusive Taco Bell diet. His rendition of Beyoncé's Love On Top exploded his career to make him one of the most studious, athletic, motivated, and talented individuals Juxtaposition has ever seen. His relentless positivity has inspired the group to take their talent to its highest level.

Caleb Caldwell

Caleb Caldwell - Sophomore , Chesterfield, VA

Caleb joined Juxta in 2015, and he’s already proven an asset to our group. Caleb is a music major, and plays a mean banjo, not that that really does him much good in an a Capella group. Fresh off the boat from Australia, he deals with his homesickness through his job at Outback Steakhouse. He’s a favorite among customers for his thick accent and has won several employee of the month awards. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, stargazing, and dingo wrestling. We the men of Juxtaposition take great pride in our diversity, and Caleb is a wonderful new addition.

Andrew Edgar

Andrew Edgar - Sophomore

Andrew Edgar not only holds down the bass section with his wicked vocals but his United States quarter collection is ridiculous. He almost has every state and with Andrew's drive there's no doubt he'll keep going til he has them all! His passion and hard work make him a huge asset to the group and we’re so thankful to have him!

Alfred Lam

Alfred Lam - Sophomore

Alfred “Alfie” Lam is one of the most big-hearted guys in Juxta. Coming in at a staggering 4 ft. 10 in., his voice is delicious and he kills the ladies with his All of Me solo. With a double major in Asian Culture and Math, it’s impressive how he manages to set enough time aside for Juxta. While being a very strong tenor 1, he is also most useful for sometimes remembering to bring the keyboard to practices.

Trevor Moody

Trevor Moody - Sophomore

Trevor “Sasquatch” Moody is one of the newest and tallest members of Juxtaposition. He was chosen not only for his stunning good looks and the vocal pipes he possesses that could put his toilet to shame, but also his insanely large stature. In his free time he likes dunking on unsuspecting victims, helping little old women in the grocery store by grabbing their prune juice off the top shelf, and hiding out in the woods of the Pacific Northwest to stir up local folklore.

Shea Murray

Shea Murray - Sophomore , Mill Creek, WA

Traveling all the way from the land of Mill Creek, Washington, Shea is continuing his music career at Virginia Tech as a part of Juxtaposition. Before attending Virginia Tech, you could find Shea in the rain puddles of Washington singing angelic solos by himself on rainy days. He loves the rain so much that he got his name changed to “Shea make-it-rain Murray”. Shea is also a very determined student studying chemical engineering here at Virginia Tech. When he is not singing, studying, or dreaming about rain, he is diligently working in the lab on his secret chemical serum that is soon to give humans the super powers of Spiderman, Tinkerbelle and Wonder Woman combined. Outside of the fresh Juxta attire that the group supports, you can always find Shea wearing Seattle Seahawks attire from head to toe. In fact, Shea is such a hardcore fan that he has “Sheattle Sheahawkes” tattooed across his chest.

Nathan Rafala

Nathan Rafala - Sophomore , Culpeper, VA

Nathan Rafala is one of the newer members of Juxtaposition, joining Fall Semester of 2014. He has since wormed his way into our society at the bidding of his Reptilian overlords. Nathan has found a welcome place in Juxtaposition, thanks to his low range and vocal percussion skills. He certainly knows how to work that mouth of his.

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson - Freshman , Midlothian, VA

Who is Nick Robinson? Nick “Small body” Robinson is a freshman studying BIT at Virginia Tech. When he’s not studying for a test, he is selflessly working to feed the bellies of poor/drunk college students. It’s safe to assume he gets his saucy attitude as well as his strong patience as a crew member of Chipotle. All-in-all Nick’s personality and powerful voice has gotten him a spot in Juxtaposition and has definitely benefited the group having him in it.

Tucker Davis

Tucker Davis - Freshman , Ashburn, VA

From Ashburn, Virginia, we ask you to beware of this Freshman. With the ability to swoon any lady who ventures too close to the bellows of his baritones, this man-siren awaits, as he imprisons his prey inside his majestic realm. Using the blue hue of his eyes to craft the vibrant waters and the flow of his hair to emulate the calming tides, Tucker is a wizard that you want to approach with caution. Seen always with one of his closet-full of polo t-shirts and his usual pair of brown roman shoes, Tucker is currently a “student” studying “chemical engineering” here at Virginia Tech. Juxtaposition reminds everyone to remain vigilant to your surroundings at all times and to report any suspicious activity of this individual immediately by dialing 911.


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